UHMWPE Plastic Product

UHMWPE material has exceptionally low coefficient of friction offering superb sliding properties and is one of the best plastics for wear/abrasion resistance meanwhile tough and impact resistant even at cryogenic temperatures. As a result, it is definite that UHMW polyethylene is a wonderful...

Product Details



1000×3000× (6 - 200 ) mm

1200×1200× (6 - 300) mm

1200×4000× ( 6 - 80 ) mm

1250×3100× (6 - 200) mm

2200×10000×(10-130) mm

Sizes can be customized cutting.


UHMWPE/HDPE marine fender panel could be reprocess under customer's requirements.



2.Low water absorption

3.Excellent corrosion-resisting

4.Good self-lubricating

5.Excellent wear resistance

6.Excellent impact resistance

7.Low temperature resistance

8.Excellent tensile strength.

CNC-Durable-UHMWPE-Plastic-Parts-4engineering plastic product in uhmwpe

HDPE dock fender could avoid the impact damage between ships and dock . Because of the high impact resistance performance , HDPE dock fender instead of the traditional steel ones is widely used in ports and docks at home and abroad.