UHMWPE Plastic Product

UHMWPE Plastic Product
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UHMWPE material has exceptionally low coefficient of friction offering superb sliding properties and is one of the best plastics for wear/abrasion resistance meanwhile tough and impact resistant even at cryogenic temperatures. As a result, it is definite that UHMW polyethylene is a wonderful engineering plastic that can solve many problems that other engineering plastics cannot. 

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Our uhmwpe parts is made of uhmwpe sheets we independently produced with virgin materials, so the quality is assuranced. Our factory is equipped with advanced large scale CNC engraving, moulding press facility, milling machine, etc.


In a competitive market economy, our company will continue to make better products and better after-sales service to you, we are willing to work closely with friends from all over the world.


Average molecular weightg/mol3million- 10 million
Tensile strength(23°C in air)MPa22
Breaking strengthMpa42
Tensile strain at break%600
Impact strengthmJ/mm2No break
Ball indentation hardnessN/mm242
Shore D hardness
Abrasion%70-80, steel = 100
Static Friction Coefficient
Kinetic Friction Coefficient
Water Absorption
Elongation at break at 23 degree%300
Melt Temperature°C130-140

Our Plastic products can be widely used in steel, smelting, coking, electic power, chemical, coal, cement, food, mining, machinery, oil fields, municipal engineering, Marine engineering and other industries.

Uhmw-pe has excellent impact energy absorption, impact energy absorption value is on the top of all plastics. Thus damping noise very well, has good silencing effect.


Based on advanced technology, equipment and testing procedure, we are trying the best to ensure customers to get the most advanced products and Partners to get huge economic benefits and social benefits.  

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